Your Primary Care Team

Dr. John Enayati is a board-certified internist with extensive experience in internal medicine, adult medicine and geriatrics who also has a deep fund of knowledge in cardiology. Dr. Enayati is strongly committed to holistic practice which he couples with a multidisciplinary approach to prevention, healing, and maintaining wellness.

Coupled with his medical training, Dr. Enayati’s background in public health allows him to provide compassionate, humanistic care and professional advocacy to his patients to enhance their comfort in both out-patient and acute hospital settings. Dr. Enayati’s style of practice provides individualized care to each patient.

As an attending physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Olympia Medical Center and Saint John’s Hospital, Dr. Enayati strives to offer his patients optimal care. He is dedicated to working with each patient in the effort to achieve his or her own unique set of goals-from alleviating pain to promoting healthy aging and preventing future diseases.

Dr. Enayati ascribes to the health and healing of the whole person within the integrated context of his or her life. He works closely with all his patients pre-operatively and continues to meet with them regularly in the follow-up phase of treatment to ensure they receive the most up-to-date care in the ever-evolving medical field. He pays careful attention to the original goals established by the patient, altering the therapeutic plan as deemed necessary and taking advantage of office visits as a means to gain a greater understanding of the patient, their needs, and their vision and expectation of improved health.

Dr. Enayati has engaged in research pertaining to quality of care and integrative medicine. He is currently a member of Health for Humanity, volunteering his medical skills for those in need around the world. In addition, he is a co-founder and current vice president of “Doctors Who Care,” an organization that attends to the medical needs of under served individuals in Los Angeles County.

Natalie Kovaleski has received training in a variety of clinical areas. Prior to attending PA school, she was a medical assistant Dr. Enayati as well as being a physical therapy technician for two years. She also participated in many volunteer programs. Her passion to better the lives of patients intensifies as her knowledge in medicine increases.

Her warm and understanding manner of communicating with patients and other practitioners makes her a perfect fit at Century Wellness Center.

Her high standards and experiences make her a valuable and welcome asset to Century Wellness Center!

From left to right: Lidia Suarez, Natalie Kovaleski, Diana Beltran, John Enayati, Megan Meir, Arlene Diarte (not pictured: Kandice Corona and Jason Wolfe)